About us

We at ComboMagic believe that you should be able to get the most out of your paid and even free combos, it would be a waste if you didn't. So instead of having one of those manual combo editing services where people ask $15 for a 100k lines combo we decided to take that thing a step further and created a fully automated service for you.

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Spotify | Free combo | Jesterify V2


NordVPN | Free combo (100k) | Private Checker


Spotify | Free combo | Jesterify V2


Origin | Paid combo (50k) | Unknown


Spotify | Free combo | Jesterify V2


Spotify | Free combo | Jesterify V2

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We don't have just one module that would make your combo better. We have many of them. From some regular modules into modules made specially for gaming. We're also regularly adding modules on requests.


You can start using our services by purchasing one of our packages below.


  • - Expires in 24 hours from activation

3 Days

$10/3 days
  • - Expires in 72 hours from activation


  • - Expires in one month from activation

Join us

If you want to activate your key and start using our service, or simply if you want to ask a question, please join the discord server below


What is this service about? What does it do?

We fully exaplain what this service is about in About section, if you still got any questions you can join our Discord server and ask us there.

How does it work?

You’ll have to upload your combo using one of the supported sites we offer, then copy your combo’s direct url, then it's all on our bot, you just have to wait. While you're waiting, our bot downloads your combo and starts editing it using our patterns. After the bot is finished with editing, the bot will pm you with a download link to your edited combo.

Can I test before purchasing?

We do not offer anything like free trial times. You can, however, buy the lowest package(one day) and try it out yourself for 24 hours.

Do you guarantee more hits?

Some combos are simply generated, they won't give you any hits, it's not possible for us to get more hits out of them. It's also not possible for us to turn the most shittiest free combos into paid quality combos, we do however guarantee that combos that got you hits earlier will get you more hits after editing.

Any limitations?

There are currently not any limitations on how many combos you can edit per day. There are, however, some time limits (how long can your combo take to download/upload) and as well line limitation per combo you're editing.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can join this Discord server, and contact us there.

Do you sell combos?

We don't sell combos

Terms of service


-Do not resell our service, no matter if you're reselling our keys, letting people use your subscription or do it for them

-Do not use your subscription to do it for other people for free

-We have the right to ban any user if we notice anything sketchy and you won't get a refund

-Do not sell or leak combos that were edited with combomagic

-We have the right to ban any user from our discord if he breaks the discord rules we stated down below and you won't get a refund

-Downtimes can happen (probably won't but you know...), if that happens you won't lose the time from your active subscription

Discord rules

-Do not talk about cracking

-Do not talk about any illegal activity

-Do not promote your service/product

-Do not talk about stuff that's against the forum rules

-Do not discuss the quality of any combo seller or competitors of our service